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We strive to offer the most sophisticated services on the market. Our industry experience, combined with a background in scientific research, has enabled us to develop the world’s most advanced machine learning technology.


Experience & expertise

Evaluate your company’s VAT requirements after July 2021 VAT Registration, VAT Compliance and Filing, VAT AdvisoryCross- border eCommerce is complex and the VAT registration needs to follow local rules, which can be tricky to understand.


Apply accurate vat and duty rates based on the latest local tax rules and stay tax compliant across all EU-27 markets. Calculate VAT rates based on product taxability rules and exemptions through cloud automation.

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Customers want to know the full cost of their product purchases. Connect Eurora to your eCommerce platform. Calculate duty and tax plus prohibited and restricted goods screening and denied party screening, extract sales data report.

At a Glance


Million records of training data involved in training our machine learning model (AI).


Experts, scientists, analysts, researchers involved in ongoing development.


Man hours of in-house research and analysis, architecture, design, and development.


EU TARIC codes (10-digit) analysed in addition to 5,000 HS codes (6-digit).


External research scientists involved full time, 26k man-hours in total (STACC, TalTech).


EU legal frameworks analysed and interpreted.


Years of average work experience in the industry


Countries covered in our database of regulations, duty & tax rates and free trade agreements