Duty & Tax Calculation

Precise tax rates for global orders

Have full visibility of payable taxes in the shopping before your goods are dispatched.

Full Automation

Automatically stay compliant with global tax rates

Eurora’s Duty & Tax Calculation service automatically enables full visibility of VAT and duty payable in any currency for the destination country before the order is dispatched. Eurora’s database covers VAT and duty rates, de minimis thresholds, and active free trade agreements for most countries in the world.

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Cost Transparency

Decrease return rate and improved customer experience

Stop losing customers by surprising them with unexpected costs when the goods reach their destination country. They are likely to return the goods instead of paying extra. Better cost transparency reduces your returns and increases customer satisfaction.

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Access a database that covers duty & tax rates for most countries in the world


Assign the VAT and Duty rates in the shopping cart with less than 100ms


Reduce the hassle by calculating all fees and taxes in advance


Reduce workload and improve customer experience and satisfaction



Automated cloud-based solution makes sure that data and services are available and accessible at all times.

Automatic compliance

With Eurora you can be sure, your store is compliant with global trade regulations and tax rates.

Risk management

Country specific Duty and VAT rules, active free trade agreements restrictions, and regulations analyzed.

Decreased amount of returned goods

When customers have a clear understanding of all the costs, they are less likely to return the goods.

Faster movement of goods

Your goods will clear customs faster, increasing your customer’s satisfaction.

Comprehensive record-keeping

Eurora keeps records of all your sales for tax reporting purposes for 10 years as required by EU trade regulations.

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