White paper

The case for AI in cross-border trade

In an interconnected world, cross-border trade is crucial, but global regulations and customs complexities pose compliance challenges. Eurora's white paper examines AI's benefits in cross-border trade.

Food for thought

Simplify Compliance

The white paper shows how AI streamlines complex regulatory requirements, ensuring your business stays compliant and avoids costly penalties.

Enhance Experience

Discover how AI reduces cart abandonment by providing accurate, real-time duty and tax calculations, leading to higher customer satisfaction and revenue.

Stay Competitive

Learn how embracing AI technologies helps future-proof your business, enabling you to adapt to market disruptions and maintain a competitive edge.


Walter Trezek Eurora

Walter Trezek,
Non-executive Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Eurora

When the new edition of HS codes came into effect at the beginning of last year, the scope of the mandate took most shippers by surprise. Yet, we’re on track to repeat it, with incoming regulation around transport security, tax and sustainability likely to cause more disruption, not least because very few of those impacted are seemingly aware of the changes.


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