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Logistics & Postal Solution

Become integrated, sustainable, and boost efficiency

A raft of distance selling regulations poses risks to logistics companies trading outside of their domestic markets. Global compliance is no longer optional, but Eurora will take care of the complicated part for you.

How it works


Have control over all compliance issues

Global compliance is required across the entire supply chain. With Eurora, all businesses, including freight forwarders, carriers, and postal operators, can access Restrictions Screening service to ensure regulatory compliance.


Automate parcel transportation systems

With proper product descriptions and HS codes, you can calculate landed costs and make sure that goods move as quickly and transparently as possible. Your customers will have peace of mind and they will be more satisfied.


Gain real-time visibility into transactions

Eliminate duplicates and manual data entry, protect processes from human error and save time. This allows you to take on more business. Eurora keeps you compliant while significantly reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency.

Features and benefits

global logistics solution

Deliver flexibility to customers at scale

Multiply efficiency and increase visibility by using a global logistics solution to manage every aspect of cross-border trade and hazardous material processing capabilities.

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Takes the heavy lifting out of global compliance and customs clearance


Cut your costs by 50% by automating customs brokerage for cross-border


Centralized and standardized processes

Gain agility and resiliency with a single cross-border solution that includes all the data, applications, and an AI you need to achieve strategic goals.

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Ship goods rapidly with lower costs and fewer risk by removing silos and establishing process consistency


Improve customer experience through greater transparency and predictability with real-time data

Solution includes

HS Code Allocation

Eurora AI engine makes sure all your goods are automatically assigned the correct HS code (with up to 10 digits) based on the product description with less than 100ms.

Duty & Tax Calculation

Full visibility of VAT and duty payable in any currency for the destination country before the order is dispatched.

Pan-EU Customs Clearance

Prevent unwanted hold-ups and ensure customs compliance by shipping all your goods to the EU through one EU member state.

Restrictions Screening

Automatically screen all your orders against national restricted and prohibited items lists and gain access to an extensive range of national and international denied party lists.

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