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VAT Agent Services

Manage VAT Reporting for Cross-Border Sales

With Eurora, you’ll have a personal tax specialist who manages the VAT registration process in the UK or the Netherlands and helps you quickly get the VAT number needed for compliance.



Manage UK VAT obligations

Eurora’s UK VAT Agent Service allows all non-UK businesses to sell goods with a value of £135 or less directly to UK consumers. Eurora manages your VAT registration and all your return submission in the UK.

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One-Stop Shop (OSS)


Declare all of your EU sales in one country

Eurora offers VAT registration to non-EU companies selling goods to the EU through the Netherlands with the One-Stop Shop (OSS). Using the OSS scheme allows companies to declare all their sales to the EU via Netherland, instead of registering in each EU member state separately.

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Easy and automated onboarding


Fraud protection


A fully automated Fiscal Representation service


Full representation before EU and UK Tax Authorities


Reach the whole EU market

Using the OSS you can sell to every country in the EU without having to register for VAT in each one separately.

Faster customs clearance

Using a VAT agent allows for quicker customs clearance procedures and helps you to move your goods faster.

Improve customer experience

Your customers will get their goods faster and be more satisfied with your service thanks to full cost transparency.

Comprehensive records

All the VAT records are automatically logged as required by EU tax authorities. Sales records are kept for the 10 years.

Personal solution

Have free access to our skilled team of tax and customs experts who are eager to assist you with your requirements.

Improved cashflow

Improve your finances with monthly VAT declarations that allow you to declare and pay VAT monthly or quarterly.

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