Eurora restrictions screening

Restrictions Screening

Avoid legal troubles and high fines

Automatically screen all your orders against national restricted and prohibited items lists. Gain access to an extensive range of national and international denied parties lists.

Automated compliance

prohibited item screening

Know your customer and avoid breaking the law

Eurora automatically makes sure that you are compliant with international law, that you don’t get fined, and don’t lose your export license. All while saving time on due diligence. And in case of disputes, Eurora can prove due diligence was made as everything is logged in the system.

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Have access to an extensive range of up-to-date government and international agency-issued lists.


Automatically log and save all screening results to avoid future issues with authorities.


Avoid high fines and make sure your goods are not confiscated by customs.


Prevent legal actions from authorities and avoid being blacklisted by specific countries.


Automated and cost-effective

Eurora’s Prohibited & Restricted Item Screening service offers the best protection against accidental breaches of transport restrictions.

Avoid extra costs

If your goods are seized by customs, you need to pay for their return or destruction. And your client will want their money back.

Global compliance

Eurora’s database covers the prohibited and restricted item lists for most countries in the world.

Easy to use

The checks on goods can be run automatically via our API with no extra effort. And it takes less than a second.

Comprehensive records

All the requests are automatically logged, making sure you can always show compliance.

Reliable service

Automated cloud-based solution makes sure that data and services are always available and accessible.

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