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HS Code Allocation

There's no faster and more precise way to assign correct HS codes

Eurora AI engine makes sure that all the goods and parcels you ship are assigned the correct HS code automatically and quickly.

The most advanced AI


HS-code description database


Response time


Accuracy rate


Average correctness score


An automated classification service built on top of an extensive science-backed AI engine


Automatically match product descriptions with HS commodity codes under 100 milliseconds

Stay ahead of competition

Comprehensive database

Eurora’s AI engine processed over 500 million product descriptions and is continuously expanding the database of product descriptions mapped to approximately 5,300 HS 6-digit codes.

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Automatically match product descriptions with Harmonized System 6-digit codes under 100 milliseconds


Enable the service via a simple API integration that assigns HS codes in real-time in the shopping cart


Avoid delays of delivery to end consumers due to a mismatch between product descriptions and HS codes


Avoid customs processing fees by always having the correct HS code on all your parcels and goods


Faster movement of goods

Goods will clear customs faster. Customers will be more satisfied and fewer goods will be returned.

Reduced costs

Avoid manual labor. Spend less on human resources with a fully automated process for assigning HS codes.

Easily scalable

Scale easily. The system can handle millions of requests per month without any effort on your part.

Easy to implement

No technical knowledge is needed. The service is easy to set up with the Eurora API and can easily be managed.

Comprehensive records

All the request and assigned HS codes are logged, allowing for a comprehensive overview of goods sold and shipped.

Reliable service

Automated cloud-based solution makes sure that data and services are always available and accessible.

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