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IOSS Registration

Thank you for choosing Eurora's IOSS service

Below you can find an overview of the registration process. If you are already familiar with this then click on the button below to get started. Or contact us for more information.

How it works


Fill in and submit the registration form.


Find the contract and invoice (€99 registration fee + annual fee OR deposit) in your e-mail box.


Once paid, you will be issued an IOSS VAT number within 1 day. Your personal Eurora Tax Consultant will share it with you and answer all your questions.


Use your IOSS VAT number when sending packages up to €150 to the EU. Your carrier will help to link your IOSS number with the package.


Every month (latest 5th day) you will report your EU sales data to us. Your personal Tax Consultant will explain you how this works.


Every month (latest 20th day) you will pay your VAT to us, and we do the rest to make sure you remain tax compliant in every EU country your consumers are.

Additional information

Want to know more about the IOSS scheme? Read the FAQ.

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