Information Security Policy Statement

Eurora Solutions OÜ (Eurora) together with its employees and managers strives to deliver a consistently high level of information security.

Eurora’s is committed to implementing and maintaining compliance with ISO/IEC27001 standard and continuously improving information security practices. This will help to maintain Eurora’s reputation in the IT industry and meet its legal and regulatory requirements to clients, employees, and partners.

Eurora commits to:

  • clearly understanding the requirements and expectations of its clients, employee, and partners, both internal and external, including the relevant regulatory authorities;
  • working closely with its clients, suppliers, and C-Level managers to deliver services in a security-conscious manner;
  • ensuring that every employee shares responsibility for effective information security;
  • protecting its employees, information, intellectual property, assets, activities, and facilities against misuse, loss, damage, disruption, interference, or unauthorized disclosure. It is also critical that Eurora retains the confidence of those who entrust confidential information to Eurora;
  • developing and maintaining security policies and controls designed to meet the requirements of ISO/IEC27001. Eurora’s Information Security policies, procedures, guidelines, and standards, reflect the requirements necessary to maintain an acceptable standard for protecting Eurora’s information assets and, at the same time, Eurora’s reputation;
  • implementing an Information Security Management System (“ISMS”) and ensuring that it is maintained, continually improved, and supported with adequate resources to achieve the objectives set in this Policy Statement.

Enhanced information security

Eurora’s approach to achieving these objectives is to enhance information security through investment in technology, processes, and employee information security awareness training. This will improve the way Eurora manages its business and deliver services to its clients.

Underpinning Eurora’s approach to information security is the Group Risk Management Framework which allows the business to present threats, risks, and opportunities for management review. It enables Eurora’s managers and employees to ensure that the risk profile of the business is accurate and that risk mitigation efforts are focused on appropriate strategic outcomes.

This policy statement is easily accessible to all Eurora clients, employees, and partners through Eurora’s website. Employees are asked to take particular care in their approach to security and to accept the important role they play in maintaining an effective information security program throughout Eurora.