Working in Eurora

Eurora – Join Us in Building an Unicorn

By Alexander Maasik

Eurora is a rapidly growing technology team. Our aim is to help millions of people and companies active in the global e-commerce market.

Our fully automated and science-backed AI-based solutions allow online marketplaces, carriers, and postal operators to save time and resources while handling large amounts of data near-instantly and precisely.

This sort of service is especially important now when the volume of e-commerce is growing rapidly. At the same time, online shops need to deal with different regulations for cross-border trade, different tax rates for countries, and many restrictions. And carrier companies face the same issues as well.

Take a look at the free positions in Eurora.

One of the only fully functioning platforms.

As a company, Eurora is in a unique value proposition as we are offering a full range of services that every online marketplace and logistics company needs.

This includes Duty and Tax CalculatorsHS code allocation, electronic declarations, and many other systems that are vital for moving goods globally. And there is no other company out there in the whole world, who can say the same.

Our team has managed to solve complex problems and develop our products thanks to our deep commitment to excellence, scientific approach, and to hard work. And of course, thanks to the experience of our founders who have more than 20+ years of industry experience both from Europe and Asia.

A lot of experience, a lot of hard work.

Eurora already has some of the best people in the industry working here.

By joining our team, you’ll be working side by side with experienced tech and business leaders who know how to deliver great global solutions. Our people are international and supportive, smart and dynamic, with a focus on mature decisions and work-life balance – those are the cornerstones of our culture and teamwork.

Joining Eurora.

Joining a company like Eurora in an early stage is definitely an exciting opportunity.

Like all young businesses, it has its rough edges. Not all processes are in place, not all questions have been answered. But that means that you can shape the company and build yourself into Eurora’s DNA. You have an opportunity to figure out what is the best way for the company to work and make a lasting impact on how Eurora operates.

While it might sound like Eurora is a typical well-funded tech company, with its free snacks, drinks, and ping pong tables, the truth is a little different.

From day one, Eurora’s values have been to be a reliable, fully functioning company that makes all its decisions based on data. Our values and structure are based on using the scientific approach in everything. For example, we are working with Universities to test and develop all of our products. We’d never promise something to a customer if we haven’t proven that it works.


We welcome people who walk their talk.

If there is an idea, prove the benefit to our customers, partners, and/or to the team and deliver it. You will have all the decision-making power and resources to do the best work you can.

A mature mindset combined with a scientific approach and the experience of our people creates the best environment for professional growth. Our employees have a dedicated training budget to complement daily work-related development with external know-how and expertise. Our people grow professionally just as fast as Eurora grows as an organization.

On a final note – our offices are located in Estonia (Tallinn and Tartu), and Shanghai. Most of our people have shared they prefer to work in the office. As it makes developing new products, establishing new ways of working, and service delivery so much more fun and productive. Still, the WFA (working from anywhere) is possible for everyone. And some of us are fully remote from different parts of the world.

If all that sounds interesting to you, take a look at the free positions in Eurora.