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Why do brokers need a customs software?

By Camille Felappi

Jun 27, 2022|6 min read

With the boom of cross-border trade and the regulatory complexity, more and more global sellers search for customs clearance services. In order to stand out in front of this increasing demand, customs brokers need to be ever-competitive. In the US only, there are approximately 11,000 active licensed customs brokers.


However, with all that lies behind clearing goods, improving competitiveness is a real challenge. If you are a customs broker, you probably know it too well. When you need to make sure your clients’ goods meet all the regulations, prepare, and submit all the necessary documents, and even offer a transportation service, the risks of errors and delays are high.

In such a context, using a customs software seems to be the key to staying competitive and overcoming daily challenges. Are you searching for an automated solution? Check out our customs software solution!


Reducing the risk of errors

When you are a customs broker, there is no doubt you are knowledgeable in all entry procedures, classification, duties, and taxes. However, when taking care f high volumes of shipments every day, human errors can easily occur. When H7 declarations pile up on your desk and you need to deal with them all at the same time, you are at higher risk to make errors. And if you do, this multiplies the effort, because each mistake is much more costly to fix than to predict.

In addition to human errors coming from high volumes, one must also avoid mistakes in HS code allocation. When you need to allocate HS codes to your clients’ goods, you are responsible for fixing all the related documents if the HS code is incorrect. This can considerably slow down the clearance process, and harm your customer satisfaction. Moreover, allocating the correct HS code is crucial as it is the base from which all the taxes calculations will derive.

With an automated solution like Eurora, you can significantly reduce the risk of making errors by using our AI engine. We provide full support for H7 and H1 customs codes. You can also use our AI engine to assign the correct HS codes automatically and quickly.


Overcoming human limits

What happens when one of your colleagues gets sick and you have to do extra work to cover his tasks? In the customs brokers’ world, when a worker is missing, you usually face stressful situations. Logistics processes can get delayed and lead to extra storage costs as well as disrupted schedules. From the management perspective, finding a replacement when a worker is missing is equally stressful.

Besides, when you have clients from all around the globe, they can request 24/7 services while having huge amounts of goods to declare. Such requirements are hardly bearable as obviously, no one wants to work on weekends, during holidays, or 24/7. Therefore, if you do not use any automated solution you are exposed to a lot of pressure.

The good thing with a customs software like Eurora is that it doesn’t need holidays and it doesn’t get overwhelmed by the high number of requests at once. It can process huge volumes of data instantly, at any time. This way, you can focus on other important parts of your job while relying on automated flows.


Saving time and costs

If you want to stay competitive, another major aspect to monitor is the resource you are investing. In the customs brokerage field, costs can skyrocket if you do not use an automated system. For example, if your client wants to declare goods in different EU countries, you need to have a broker in each of these countries, which can be very costly. With Eurora, however, you can use a single solution for the entire EU market because we have integrations in multiple EU countries. This way you do not need to have a broker agency in each country, and you save money.

Besides, even for bigger companies that have their own automated system, costs can be high. You need a lot of resources to build a working system, correct bugs, and update it. If something is not set up correctly, you face high losses. Using an external service can therefore be more cost-effective than trying to build your own software in-house.

Not only resource investment makes a difference, but also time investment. If you prepare documentation for a good that you never encountered before, you have to make extra research on the documents needed and understand the logic behind them. This can end up being highly time-consuming and it is harder to share deadlines with clients.

If you use an automated solution, however, your processes will be faster and more reliable. This will allow you to manage your time much better. If you know how long it usually takes to get the H7 released by the automated solution, you can anticipate the further steps. For example, you can plan in advance when to send the truck for a pick-up, or what delivery time to announce to the consignee.


Eurora’s customs software solution

Eurora’s customs software includes all the services you need to clear your customers’ goods quickly and easily. Our AI engine can assign the right HS code with an accuracy of 96% in less than 100 milliseconds, so you can process high amounts of requests at once. Besides, you can automatically screen all your clients’ orders against national restricted and prohibited items lists. In addition, you gain access to an extensive range of national and international denied party lists. This way, you do not need to search for these lists manually, which will save you a lot of time.

You will also get access to a pan-EU platform providing you with automated custom declaration processes for H1 and H7 declarations. Using a single solution for the entire EU and UK markets will allow you to save costs and easily manage your tasks. Moreover, Eurora accepts files in JSON and XLSX format, or a direct connection via API, which gives you several possibilities of data input.

In addition, if your clients’ shipments are DDU, Eurora can help you collect taxes from consignees. With our Alldeclare service, the sender doesn’t have to think about how taxes are collected. With Alldeclare, tax collection for consignees is an automated process. In other words, you won’t have to figure out how to get the money back from the courier.


Do you want to improve your competitiveness and your client experience? Check out our customs software solution!