Prohibited and restricted item screening

Prohibited and Restricted Item Screening

By Alexander Maasik

Jun 17, 2021|4 min read

Most people know that you can not ship all goods across borders. But most people are not aware of the specifics. For prohibited and restricted items, each country can set its own rules. And it falls to marketplaces and logistic companies to determine if they should ship or transport-specific items to specific countries.

Import, export and transport restrictions include the more common restrictions such as toxic, flammable, or hazardous products. Or restrictions on the shipping of lithium batteries which are classified as dangerous goods and need to meet carrier-specific guidelines. And everyone knows one can’t export illegal drugs across borders. Nor sell them to the wrong people.

However, not all restrictions are as straightforward as the examples above. For example, Estonia allows knives across the border with blades up to 8.5 centimeters. But Germany allows blades up to 12 centimeters.

Eurora’s Prohibited & Restricted Item Screening service.

To handle the multitude of restrictions by carrier or import/export country, Eurora developed the prohibited and restricted item screening service. This is an automated screening service of prohibited and restricted items for export, import, and transport.

Like our other services, the Prohibited and Restricted Item Screening service can easily be added to a marketplace’s shopping cart via our API. So that the system checks good while customers are finalizing their purchase.

When it comes to international trade, companies need to do all in their power to stay compliant. But that can become costly and slow down the flow of goods. That is why Eurora offers a variety of services. All of Eurora’s solutions are scientifically proven to work. And they aim to automate the trade processes and to reduce the costs of shipping goods across the globe.

These services include among others Denied Party Screening serviceDuty & Tax Calculation, and HS-code Allocation. While one can only use one or some of these services, Eurora™ ‘s AI works best if implemented fully. Don’t hesitate to reach out to see how our Intelligent Cross Border Compliance Platform can help you.

The most advanced AI.

Automatisation of the global trade system is complicated. Mostly, as sale data comes in all languages in different levels of quality.

That is why Eurora has worked closely with top universities to build an AI that can identify a package based on product descriptions and combine it with the info from restricted and prohibited item databases to make sure, you don’t ship anything you shouldn’t.

The AI will also check for duties and taxes, run a check on the buyer and submit electronic declarations to customs.

It has taken years of scientific research and machine learning, but we’ve managed to teach it how to understand vastly different product descriptions and have a very high success rate for assigning the right code. And our AI can do it much faster and cheaper than any human. Using a reliable automated solution is a sure way to save resources while reliably scaling your business.

Works for both Marketplaces and logistics companies.

Although other services also offer “prohibited and restricted item screening”, “HS code allocation” or “denied party screening” services, Eurora is the only company to provide a fully automated “AI” based service that deals with all of these issues faced by postal operators, carriers and marketplaces.

Eurora™ ‘s Intelligent Cross Border Compliance Platform can screen the package and recipient against denied parties and prohibited item lists. It automatically assigns a correct HS code based on product description, calculates duties and taxes for each item sent, then, the AI will create the necessary electronic declaration and present it to the proper customs authority.

This entire process will take less than a second. So, by the time the parcels start moving, all the necessary procedures are already completed. So don’t hesitate to reach out to see how Eurora can help your systems become faster and more reliable.