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How to sell globally with our eCommerce solution

By Camille Felappi

Jan 12, 2022|7 min read

Selling online is a great way to make business. You can reach any customer worldwide without having a brick-and-mortar store. You can also sell your goods 24/7 and offer convenient payment methods to your clients.


However, distance selling regulations can disturb your business if you are not compliant. You won’t be able to sell your goods if you do not comply with duty tax calculation, restricted party screening process, or VAT regulations.

At Eurora, we don’t want to see you lose money and customers. Therefore, we developed a flexible eCommerce solution adapted to your needs. Our eCommerce solution is all-in-one: we cover all regulatory compliance aspects. Partner with us, and you won’t need any other tool to reach the EU and the UK markets.

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Automatically stay compliant with our tax calculator

If you are selling your goods across borders, you already know that you need to abide by duty and taxes calculation. And if you are not using a tax calculator, you are probably struggling with keeping up to date on each country’s tax rates.

Doing these calculations manually is time-consuming and insecure. If you do not show the right VAT or duty cost to your customers, they will have to pay it themselves when they receive their goods. You are thus most likely to harm your reputation and lose customers.

At Eurora, we believe that you should focus on your core activity and that you shouldn’t bother with tax regulations. Therefore, we developed a Duty & Tax calculation engine that gives full visibility of VAT and duty payable before the order is dispatched.

This service is part of our full eCommerce solution and can be enabled via simple API integration. Our automated solution can assign VAT and Duty rates in any currency in less than one second for more than 160 countries. We also cover de minimis thresholds and active free trade agreements, so you can be sure to comply with all the distance selling regulations.

Don’t miss this opportunity to automate your tax compliance, check out our Duty & Tax calculation service!


Avoid international sanctions with our denied party screening service

When you are selling goods cross-border you should abide by global regulations to avoid any sanction. To start with, you should pay attention to whom you sell your goods and in which country. As an eCommerce platform, you should be aware of any goods you are not allowed to sell in each country you trade with. You should also know international sanctions lists so you don’t do business with someone you are not allowed to.

Being up to date on those restrictions is time-consuming because each country has its own rules. And if you do not comply you are at risk of losing your export license but also getting fines. To prevent you from sanctions, Eurora developed an automated screening service as part of its eCommerce solution.

Eurora’s Restrictions Screening service scans people and organizations against the national and international restricted party lists. We also use a global database that checks prohibited and restricted item lists from most countries. The service includes an extensive range of government and international agency-issued lists. And we always keep these lists up to date.

In addition, our solution is completely automated. Checks are run via our API in less than a second, so you don’t need to do anything. Do you want us to take care of the whole denied party screening process? Check out our restriction screening solution!


Take over the EU market with our IOSS service

If you are a non-EU business trading with the EU, you might have a hard time with EU trade regulations. Those regulations are changing, and eCommerce platforms must adapt rapidly if they don’t want to lose customers. One of the best examples is the new requirement and the creation of the IOSS that occurred last year.

You must now collect EU VAT on all parcels regardless of their value. EU VAT rate depends on the country of your customer. You must therefore determine the VAT rates of specific goods for all the EU countries you are delivering to.

To facilitate the supply of goods for eCommerce platforms based outside the EU, the European Commission created the Import One-Stop Shop portal (IOSS). The IOSS registration facilitates the collection, declaration, and payment of VAT because you don’t need to register in each state separately.

So, the IOSS portal can save you time and facilitate global trade. But there is one thing you should know: eCommerce platforms based outside the EU cannot register themselves to the IOSS. They need a fiscal representative to register on their behalf.

Eurora can take care of your fiscal representation and get your IOSS registration done in less than 3 working days. We also take care of your administrative obligations: VAT calculation, reporting, and payments. We represent you before EU tax authorities, and we guarantee 100% protection from any misuse and fraud of your IOSS number.

Our eCommerce solution is also here to help you with EU trade regulations. Check out our IOSS service!


Don’t let the UK market aside with our UK VAT Agent Service

According to the International Trade Administration, online shopping is more popular in the UK than in any other major country. If you sell online, you should therefore stack all the odds in your favor to reach UK customers.

Seizing the UK market can however be harder now that the UK left the EU single market and customs union. From 2021, the UK VAT is managed separately by the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). As a non-UK company, you must declare your imported goods with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and pay UK VAT for all goods valued at £135 or less. If you don’t collect UK VAT from your customers, you must pay it out of your pocket.

At Eurora, we don’t want to let eCommerce businesses lose their customers because of regulatory processes. That’s why we added a VAT Agent Service to our eCommerce solution.

We offer fiscal representation to help you stay 100% compliant with the UK tax regulations. This VAT Agent Service is for all non-UK businesses that sell goods with a value of £135 or less in the UK. It offers a wide range of benefits from VAT number registration to representation with the HMRC. We also take care of all your tax return submissions and help you make all the required tax payments.

With our VAT Agent Service, UK customers are at your reach. Register for UK VAT!

Why Eurora’s eCommerce solution?

Eurora is an intelligent cross-border eCommerce solution that will save you time and resources.

Together with experts, scientists, and analyst researchers, we developed the world’s most advanced machine learning technology. Our software can handle large amounts of data near-instantly and precisely. We help more than 300 customers comply with cross-border regulations.

Eurora is a rapidly growing tech company. We combine 30 years of experience in logistics and a flexible approach. This ensures that our eCommerce solution adapts to the changing distance selling regulations.

New EU import regulations disrupted the regulatory system in 2021. We were the first to react. We are the first company that officially registered as Fiscal Representative for IOSS in the EU. And the first to give out an IOSS number for a client in the EU. We also introduced a UK VAT Agent Service to respond to the new difficulties that Brexit created.

Our core mission is to help eCommerce platforms expand their business internationally. And a lot of eCommerce like yours are already satisfied with our services:

Eurora is incredibly helpful. Eurora goes above and beyond to ensure compliance.

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