Eurora brings its sophisticated AI-based platform to the Netherlands by integrating one of the most advanced customs clearance services with Netherlands’ customs authorities.

This makes the automated declaration process available to all businesses shipping goods into and through the Netherlands. The system allows you to declare goods arriving from outside the European Union.

For the customer, this means that Eurora automatically does most customs procedures needed to release goods. This means, it only takes a few minutes from starting a declaration process to the release of goods. The system also reduces the risk of human error and allows more goods to be moved faster.

Eurora Customs Service is a pan-EU platform providing companies with an automated custom declaration process for H7 and H1 declarations. By the end of the year, the platform will be integrated with more than 10 EU customs systems. It will be available to all the EU countries by March 2022.

How does customs clearance work?

Eurora’s platform uses several AI-based solutions which validate declaration data before submitting it to customs for clearance.

It uses HS Code AllocationDuty & Tax Calculation, and many other Eurora services to provide a fast and seamless clearance process to the customer. Eurora Global Database covers VAT rates, duties, and trade restrictions for most of the countries in the world.

Global trade compliance getting more and more complicated every year. Eurora has automated and simplified every step of the supply chain. We offer online sellers, marketplaces, and logistics companies one platform for all their needs. Eurora, being an AI-based platform, saves companies a lot of money and time. This allows companies to move faster, scale quicker, and grow their business.

Eurora’s powerful AI/ML engine assigns e-commerce product transactions the appropriate and mandatory HS codes. It also calculates VAT and duty amounts. And automatically creates and delivers the electronic declarations to customs, and gets a reply on the release of goods with a few minutes.

What is more, Eurora can also act as the fiscal representative for all cross-border transactions for non-EU sellers shipping products to EU customers. And this makes Eurora the only company to offer a 100 percent complete compliance service for anyone shipping goods into the EU. In April 2021, Eurora was the first company who registered to offer a fiscal representation service in the EU. And Eurora’s platform has already proven itself to its customers, with some of the largest logistics providers in Asia using it for compliance and customs procedures.