Eurora at WMX

Eurora takes part in World Mail & Express Americas in Miami

By Alexander Maasik

Feb 10, 2022|3 min read

Triangle’s World Mail & Express (WMX) Americas Conference is the leading event of its kind in North America and this year takes place from 20th to 22nd of February in Miami, USA. Egon Veermäe, Eurora’s COO and Director of Regulatory Compliance and Customs Services will be there, talking about the future of cross-border trade taxation.


As a former head of the Estonian Tax & Customs board, Egon has years of experience concerning customs regulation in the European Union in both public and private sectors. Over the last year, he has also helped to develop Eurora’s automated regulatory compliance and customs services and has first-hand knowledge about shipping goods from the Americas to Europe.

In WMX, he will be talking about data analysis and machine learning in cross-border taxation.

Eurora’s data scientists have developed, with the help of researchers in the worlds’ top universities an AI that can automate all the regulatory processes associated with cross-border trade. The services and solutions our AI makes possible are already trusted by hundreds of customers across the globe. Egon can share real-life experience in dealing with taxation in a new and more cost-efficient way.

Meet Eurora: AI-based compliance solutions for cross-border trade

How can Eurora help your business? Eurora allows you to:

  • fully automate your global trade and compliance processes with secure AI-based solutions including HS Code Allocation, Duty & Tax Calculation, Restrictions Screening, Pan-EU Customs Clearance, IOSS Registration, and VAT Services;
  • fulfill your customers’ orders precisely, safely, and easily;
  • become integrated, sustainable, and boost efficiency while staying tax-compliant.

The Eurora team consists of eCommerce experts, data scientists, and taxation specialists with many years of experience in their fields. We have used this wide range of knowledge to build a rapidly growing global business. Thanks to Eurora, the eCommerce industry can easily deal with the complex and changing regulatory environments around the world.

WMX Americas: Leading logistics event in the region

WMX conference (World Mail & Express Americas) provides a platform to share ideas and strategies and to network with industry peers. It is a forum for industry leaders and key decision-makers to discuss strategy and track developments in a fast-changing sector of international business.

The conference’s showcase exhibition enables industry suppliers to demonstrate the latest in product innovations and developments that aid the industry in progression and development.

Join us in WMX Americas on February 20-22

If you are in the area, make sure to register for the event to learn more about Eurora from the Eurora team. Won’t be able to join us this time? Make sure you check our website to find out how Eurora can help your business.