Eurora UK expansion

Eurora appoints e-commerce and logistics expert Paul Scratchley to drive UK expansion

By Camille Felappi

Eurora is excited to announce the opening of a UK Central Hub in London! Our UK expansion will be driven by Eurora’s Commercial Director UK Paul Scratchley, an e-commerce and logistics expert with 30+ years of experience.   

Paul brings an impressive background as he held senior positions for market-leading companies such as Jersey Post, Collect Plus, Gopher, and Target Express. Right before joining Eurora, he was the UK Sales Director at Jersey Post, where he designed and developed a full circular e-commerce offering. His previous experiences taught him that “eCommerce is constantly evolving, with retailers looking for new ways to remain relevant and offer the best delivery service possible to their customers.”  

Paul is currently building a best-in-class UK sales team composed of people who understand Eurora’s vision and have had previous access to cross-border compliance solutions. His team is already having fruitful discussions with potential clients from the retail, shipping and compliance sectors.  


Joining Eurora at a pivotal moment

Paul’s journey to Eurora started as a customer. As the Sales Director for Jersey Post, he was responsible for introducing Eurora to provide the Postal business with a landed cost model for the Channel Islands and Europe. He recalls these times: “working with Eurora team was a great experience, and I was able to learn a lot about Eurora, its culture, and its mission as we worked towards integration.” This client-side experience gave Paul an in-depth knowledge of Eurora products. “I have first-hand knowledge of Eurora’s capability as Jersey Post had previously integrated with another company, but never used the service because it wasn’t good enough. “  

Convinced of Eurora’s potential in the UK, Paul jumped at the chance when Eurora opened a Central office in London. Having Paul driving Eurora’s UK expansion is a great asset because not only he has extensive expertise in the UK industry, but he also used Eurora’s services. He, therefore, has a unique understanding of how critical our services are for every UK company involved in cross-border activities. 

Paul joins Eurora at a pivotal moment, in the midst of our geographic expansion. After a successful US$40 million Series A funding round closure last April, Eurora opened a Central US office in Miami driven by US CEO Chris Lentjes, a Pitney Bowes and DHL veteran with 20+ years of experience. Earlier this month, Eurora also appointed eCommerce heavyweight Walter Trezek as non-executive Chairman of its Supervisory Board, to support our global expansion. Walter is Chairman of the Consultative Committee of the United Nation’s Universal Postal Union, co-chair of Ecommerce Europe, and an advisor to the European Commission. In addition, before the end of the year, we plan to open an Engineering Hub in Dubai and an Innovation and Research Center in Estonia.   


More about Paul Scratchley

Paul has over 3 decades of experience in the industry and held senior positions for market-leading companies such as Jersey Post, Collect Plus, Gopher, and Target Express. His extended knowledge and grasp of the eCommerce and logistics world will be a great added value for Eurora. Paul participated in the biggest leaps forward in the industry. “Since I entered the eCommerce industry I have seen, helped develop, and been directly involved in many of the innovations that we take for granted today. Returns, Click & Collect, Lockers, super speedy delivery, and cross-border sales. We’ve gone from 28 days delivery a few years ago to next morning by 9:00 am, all in the blink of an eye.”  

When asked what lessons his previous experiences had taught him about eCommerce, Paul inevitably mentioned the rapidity with which the sector evolves. “Ecommerce is constantly evolving, with retailers looking for new ways to remain relevant and offer the best delivery service possible to their customers.” With this in mind, Paul has a clear vision of how Eurora can address industry challenges. “We need to continue to innovate and help design the shipping needs of consumers. Not just solve their issues today, but the ones of tomorrow so we can remain as relevant as them and support each other on this mad journey.”  

Not only Paul’s extensive experience but also his brilliant personality will help him in his new role at Eurora. He embraces change not only in the eCommerce world but also in his personal life, which will help him successfully lead a team in a fast-paced company like Eurora. “My life has been about change; I don’t sit still.” Paul also likes to build up and create things, whether at work or in his spare time. “I love to spend time gardening, and I am a big Lego fan. You get to admire your work and think: I built that. It is what drives me at work. I love to look at a process I developed, or a problem I solved for a customer. Most of all, I love looking at a company that achieved something and saying: WE did that. It is an amazing feeling.”  


Driving Eurora’s expansion in the UK

With his keen eye on the UK industry and his previous experience as a Eurora customer, Paul knows best that Eurora’s cross-border compliance platform is critical to any UK business shipping internationally. “To tackle the mounting pressure on the e-commerce sector from climbing costs, increasing demand, and a swathe of recent regulatory changes, the industry requires complete, accurate, and compliant data on all cross-border shipments. Eurora’s leading in-house scientists have developed a single cross-border compliance engine capable of navigating the complex regulations around international shipping to ensure compliance. Eurora needs to be in the process flow of any company shipping internationally.”  

Having this in mind, Paul is building a best-in-class sales team, that understands Eurora’s vision and has had previous access to cross-border compliance solutions. The team is already having fruitful conversations with potential clients from the retail, shipping, and compliance sectors. With these early conversations, Paul wants to educate on cross-border challenges, and how to overcome them. “Cross Border in the UK is a very under-educated subject and I want our customers to see us as their go-to experts, a friendly and helpful face that can work through their issues and deliver the right solution. We will build better by working closely with our clients and taking their experiences back into Eurora to make our offer even more consultative and absolutely right for them.” Paul added: “Becoming the market leader in our space is the ultimate goal and we can only do this with the support and dedication of the team and the willingness of our customers to come on this journey with us.”  

Marko Lastik, founder and Group CEO of Eurora, commented on the UK expansion goals: “We view the UK as one of our key markets. After China and the US, the UK is the third biggest e-commerce market in the world. As of June 2022, e-commerce revenues in the UK reached US$99.90 billion and are projected to rise to US$285.60 billion by 2025. On a per capita basis, the Brits spend the most online – US$4,201 per capita, compared to US$3,428 per capita for American shoppers and US$1,855 for Chinese shoppers. The opportunity in the UK is therefore substantial. With an executive of the calibre of Paul at the head of our UK operations, I’m confident that our proprietary AI-powered e-commerce compliance platform can add value, lower costs for companies and consumers across the industry and enable us to capitalise on this opportunity”.  


Eurora’s platform

Eurora’s platform can be used by online sellers, marketplaces, logistics, and postal companies to automatically create electronic declarations for duties and taxes via simple API integration. It also assigns e-commerce products an appropriate HS code. Using AI and ML, Eurora automatically processes 5,000 requests per second with up to 98% accuracy, the highest level of accuracy, speed, and automation available on the market. It operates at a fraction of the time and price of hybrid or manual code allocation solutions commonly used today.  

Eurora’s mission is to automate every aspect of the cross-border supply chain by reducing the amount of manual labor, the time spent on compliance, and the overall carbon footprint of the industry. All to help any actor in the global supply chain move parcels faster and with lower resource costs, to enable them to be more competitive.  

Eurora is a cost-effective and secure way to relieve UK businesses from regulation disruptions, including Brexit and the new EU trade rules. Paul commented: “Eurora cuts the red tape caused by Brexit. it promises to make international trade with the European Union seamless again.” In fact, many UK businesses stopped shipping to the EU because they can’t navigate the new regulatory maze. Jeff Seymour, managing director of two UK companies, shared his post-Brexit experience before turning to Eurora. “We have been sending around the world for years with no problem. And suddenly, goods were not getting to the customers, they were being held up at customs. Or customers were being asked to pay money to have their goods released.” For Jeff, using Eurora was the only way to keep his business in the EU going. “I think that UK businesses will either stop selling to Europe or have to use a service like yours. There is no real option otherwise.”

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