Eurora in UK

Eurora Now Operates in the UK

By Alexander Maasik

One of our goals in Eurora has always been making cross-border trade simpler and more convenient for our customers. To do that, we are constantly expanding our businesses. And now, we are happy to announce, we have also opened a new office in London. To make it easier for global customers to import goods to the UK and to be closer to our many UK customers.


Customs clearance in the UK

We also offer one of the most advanced customs clearance services out there to customers shipping goods to the UK.

We use HS Code Allocation, Duty & Tax Calculation, and other Eurora services to provide a fast and seamless clearance process to the customer. Eurora Global Database covers VAT rates, duties, and trade restrictions for most of the countries in the world.

Eurora automatically does most customs procedures needed to release goods. This means, it only takes a few minutes from starting a declaration process to the release of goods. The system also reduces the risk of human error and allows more goods to be moved faster.

Fiscal Representation in the EU

EU is the biggest export market for the United Kingdom. And to ship goods from the UK to the EU, UK businesses should opt into the IOSS (Import One-Stop Shop) scheme.

The Import One-Stop Shop is a new way for handling VAT and other taxes that one must pay when importing goods to any EU country. To use the IOSS, the seller must either register a company in the EU themselves or find a fiscal representative who can represent them in one of the EU Member states.

Using Eurora, our professional team of tax experts will stay by your side and guide you step by step through the IOSS registration process. And we will continue to support you with correcting and adjusting your monthly reports and submitting VAT returns. We will represent you before the EU tax authorities.

Eurora’s secure system also offers protection against IOSS number misuse and fraud in case someone else uses your IOSS number. As Eurora will keep records of all your transactions for the mandatory 10 years. Eurora also guarantees 100 percent protection from any misuse and fraud for the holder of the IOSS number.

UK VAT Agent service

If a company wants to import goods to the UK, they must declare their goods with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and pay VAT for all goods valued at £135 or less.

Eurora can help you with that. As we’ll give you a personal tax specialist who manages the VAT registration process in the UK. And who will help you to quickly get the UK VAT number that you need.

Eurora will also take care of all your tax return submissions and help you make all the required tax payments. Also, Eurora will represent you in front of the HMRC. That makes sure, you are 100% compliant with all the UK tax regulations.

Eurora full solution for UK customers

These solutions are only a fraction of the many different services we offer for UK companies. Eurora has automated and simplified every step of the supply chain. And offers online sellers, marketplaces, and logistics companies one platform for all their needs.

Our services include among others HS Code Allocation, Electronic Declarations, Duty & Tax Calculations to Fiscal Representation. All these services make sure, your company can move faster, more efficiently, and with lower costs.

Being a fiscal representative for all cross-border transactions for non-EU sellers shipping products to EU or UK customers makes Eurora the only company to offer a 100 percent compliance service for everyone involved in cross-border trade.

So, if you are based in the UK and need help with moving goods across borders, contact us now to see how we can help you.

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