IOSS registration

Boost sales in the EU with IOSS registration

By Camille Felappi

Jan 27, 2022|5 min read

The IOSS (Import One Stop Shop) should no longer be a mystery if you are exporting your goods inside the EU. Did you miss the boat? No worries! Let’s look back at what is the IOSS registration and how to get your IOSS number.


Last year, the European Union enforced new EU trade regulations. They affected all businesses importing their goods into the EU. Sellers now must collect VAT on all goods and declare every parcel as the Low-Value Item Exemption has been abolished.

To simplify those new VAT requirements, the EU created the IOSS (Import One Stop Shop) electronic portal. So the IOSS scheme is meant to be easy. But there is small detail you need to know. If your business is not based in the EU, you cannot do the IOSS registration by yourself. You will need a fiscal representative like Eurora.

Already familiar with the IOSS registration? Start your registration with Eurora now!


Am I eligible to the IOSS registration?

The IOSS registration is not applicable on all goods and for all businesses. You need to meet precise criteria to be able to get an IOSS number and enjoy the benefits of the IOSS registration.

If you are interested in the IOSS solution, you need to be sure that:

  • You are a BtoC seller
  • Your goods are located outside the EU when they are sold
  • The goods you are dispatching have a value inferior to €150
  • The goods are not subject to excise duties (indirect taxes on specific products like alcohol or tobacco)

If you ticked all the boxes, good news, you can register for the IOSS!


Why should I consider the IOSS registration?

First, let’s clarify something: the IOSS registration is not mandatory. However, it is strongly recommended if you do not want to experience complicated VAT returns. Shipping in the EU without the IOSS will make you lose time and customers.

All 27 EU members participate in the IOSS scheme and there are significant advantages for you and your clients:

  • With the IOSS, you can just register in one of the 27 EU tax authorities, and submit only one monthly IOSS VAT return. Without the IOSS, you will need to register in each State separately.
  • With the IOSS, you charge your customers the total cost when they purchase the goods. Including the import VAT. This way they do not risk any unexpected fees when the package goes to customs.
  • With the IOSS, you avoid any delay. The goods will move through customs faster. Why? Because the VAT is already collected, declared, and paid at the point of sale. It is not handled at the point of importation.

You can find more information about the IOSS on the European Commission website.


Why should I choose Eurora for IOSS registration?

If you are a non-EU business, there is no way for you to directly register on the IOSS portal. If you want to register for the IOSS, you will need a fiscal representative. In other terms, you will need a VAT Intermediary registered in the EU. And representing you in all the 27 European Member States. As the IOSS portal is live for several Months now, you will find a few companies offering their services.

However, Eurora remains the frontrunner of the IOSS registration. We were the first company to officially register as a Fiscal Representative for the IOSS in the EU. And the first ones to give out an IOSS number to a client.

Eurora offers a fast and easy onboarding. You can get your IOSS number in one working day. Our tax experts will guide you through the IOSS registration process.

Eurora also puts great emphasis on personal support. You will thus have a personal tax consultant to handle your declaration and tax matters. Our clients appreciate the guidance of our tax experts, and they don’t miss the opportunity to let us know about it:

Thank you for your detailed explanation as well as additional information about when to use IOSS number, and when to collect VAT. Very nicely explained.


How does IOSS registration work with Eurora?

You are now all set on the IOSS topic. So, let’s see how the IOSS registration works at Eurora!

  • You will just have to submit a registration form and receive an invoice from us
  • We will issue your IOSS VAT number within 1 working day. Your personal tax consultant will reach out to you for guidance
  • You will be able to use this IOSS VAT number anytime you send packages up to €150 to the EU
  • Every Month you will report your EU sales data and pay your VAT to us
  • We take care of the rest and make sure you are tax compliant in every EU country you sell your goods

Yes, we take care of the rest! What does it mean exactly? We handle all your risks by taking full responsibility and liability for IOSS related issues. We guarantee 100% protection if there is any misuse or fraud with your IOSS number. With our IOSS service, you won’t therefore pay any extra if this kind of unfortunate event happens.


Do you feel like it’s time for you to reach the whole EU market and improve your customer experience? Contact us to get more information about our IOSS service or start your IOSS registration now!