The World Mail & Express (WMX) Americas conference recently took place in Miami, where logistics and postal professionals gathered to discuss some of the most pressing challenges and emerging trends in the logistics and postal industries. 

Eurora proudly participated in the event this year, with the CEO of Eurora’s US operations Chris Lentjes taking the floor at WMX Miami to discuss increasing business with a transparent E2E cross-border compliance platform.

If you couldn’t attend WMX Americas this year, here’s five key takeaways from the show.


1. The pressure is rising to keep up with government regulations

One of the most significant takeaways from the conference was the increasing burden on posts to keep up with government regulation changes, particularly in response to the rising number of small packages in the network. There are several regulations that posts need to comply with, such as the STOP Act and Type 86 clearance into the US, item restrictions, and denied parties. It’s crucial for logistics and postal professionals to stay up to date with the latest regulations to remain compliant and competitive.


2.ICS2 messaging is still being ironed out

Another theme that emerged at the conference was the ongoing confusion over ICS2 messaging. While some postal entities are yet to release details on requiring HS codes, airlines and freight forwarders are already doing so, leading to some uncertainty among merchants about whether or not to send postal. However, the general consensus is that merchants should not wait and should instead stay ahead and get their HS codes to be compliant with the ICS2 requirements from March 1st, 2023.


3.Final foot vs. final mile

With the rise of e-commerce, the last mile delivery has become a critical area, and carriers are exploring various solutions to improve the efficiency of the delivery process. The conference featured speakers who addressed the issue of ‘final foot’ vs. ‘final mile’ and what carriers are doing to tackle this challenge. There’s an increasing need for carriers to optimize their delivery processes to ensure that they meet the high demands of e-commerce customers.


4.AI making its mark in the industry

The application of AI/Machine Learning is another area of discussion at the conference, with speakers highlighting how it’s being used in various aspects of the postal and logistics industry. AI is being used to enhance efficiency and accuracy in areas such as HS codes, denied parties, and counterfeit/illicit packages. As technology continues to evolve, it’s critical for logistics and postal professionals to embrace these innovations to remain competitive.


5.“Free shipping” is still a key driver of volume

The conference highlighted the theme of ‘the race to the bottom,’ with carriers offering various options to reduce shipping costs and meet the demand for ‘free shipping’. Some carriers are offering shoppers money back for consolidating shipments or using parcel lockers, in an effort to go green and minimize shipping costs. Logistics and postal professionals need to find creative solutions to minimize costs while maintaining high levels of service.


Final thoughts

In conclusion, WMX Miami provided valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities in the postal and logistics industry. With the rising demand for e-commerce and increasing government regulations, posts and carriers need to stay on top of the latest trends and emerging technologies to remain competitive and deliver value to their customers.

So what’s next? We’re already planning for WMX Europe 2023, in Estonia, where our head office is located. Join the Eurora team in Tallinn on June 13–15. We’ll be helping European businesses win back their EU/European customers and simplify their cross-border trade. If you’re in the neighborhood drop by and have a chat with us!