order management for eCommerce.

10 Tips for Efficient Order Management For Ecommerce

By Alexander Maasik

Aug 31, 2021|7 min read

It is a badly kept secret that online shopping is growing at a lightning speed. Nowadays, there are more and more traditional stores that need to bring their services online and take good care of the order management for eCommerce in order to satisfy the increasing demand. But also, every day many new ones arise, attracted by a flourishing sector, small initial investment, and promising profit.

It seems that there are always thirsty consumers to satisfy. This, in fact, is very good news for all those involved in the e-commerce industry. If they know how to handle the order management for their eCommerce. If you recently opened your online store, we have a few tips to share with you that you will probably feel thankful for in just a few months. They will honestly save you so much trouble.

For those who have been selling online for a while, the keys to the most efficient order management for eCommerce might be some sort of a revelation. The clue to getting more time to focus on what really matters for your business – selling more. At the same time, we will help you consolidate your relationship with your customers. By offering them a better user experience and making them fall in love with your online store.

In case you are wondering, we know exactly what we are talking about. We have also been there, feeling extra busy, frustrated, and impressed about how much easier everything looked before starting.

Problems you might be facing when it comes to order management for your eCommerce.

Here are the main issues you might be facing when it comes to order management in eCommerce.

  • You spend too much time going between documents, tools, and software in your daily work. The journey between your CMS and the couriers’ website looks like a tennis match and you can’t remember one more password!
  • The control panel of your eCommerce looks quite messy: When you and your team are not very well organized, orders can be overlooked. At some point, nobody knows if they have already been processed or they are still on hold.
  • You spend tons of time with the order management for your eCommerce, processing your orders one by one, doing repetitive tasks. The more you grow, the more resources you need to solve them. Doing your best to be efficient is not enough, you are still trapped by the everyday to-dos. As a result, you never find the time to take care of those important things to help your business grow.
  • Managing the warehouse is not that easy. The truth is that processing orders requires accuracy, focus and so much time. Not to mention the errors we make that cost even more time and money…
  • Couriers, another world – Solving incidents takes time, extra costs and spoils the user experience. Customer support can become quite a hurdle when you have more and more shoppers coming back asking about their orders over and again. But hold on, it can get even worse: after all the effort you put in, sometimes you even have to face returns!

10 foolproof tips to have an efficient order management for ecommerce.

If you related to any (or all) of the problems previously mentioned of the order management for eCommerce, continue reading. We would like to share with you some ideas to help you manage the orders of your e-commerce in a more efficient way.

Keep it simple – Some tools are very handy in your daily work, but sometimes we tend to use too many and it just gets worse. Identify what is really useful for your business and eliminate the rest. You know what they say, less is more.

Develop systems – If you are just starting you might not even be thinking about this yet; but trust us, from the moment you grow you will need a structure to attach to. This will help you go straight to the point when things get busy and your team grows.

Update your stock – Whatever method you choose for this, just do it right and do it often. You can think about how much time this could take you or how much it will save you to fix possible mistakes. It’s up to you!

Keep your orders organized from the very beginning – Find a way to keep your orders as organized as possible. Simple things like marking those orders who have already been processed will definitely keep you away from trouble. Otherwise, they can get lost and no one will take care of them.

Shape your warehouse – Think about what could be the best design so it has some logic and finding products is easy. For example, best sellers should always be on hand.

Use picking lists – When you reach the warehouse, you will be way faster if you have a map guiding you in your mission. Using picking lists will help you collect every item in a more efficient way while reducing your errors.

Improve the packing process – This as well will save you time, but it’s crucial if you want to avoid errors. Otherwise, you will have to work twice as hard with returns of the wrong orders you sent.

Choose the best courier – Depending on the products you sell, the destination you will send them to and their priority, you might need to get different couriers. Try to negotiate the best rates with them, but please, remember to work only with those committed to providing the best service.

Keep your customers notified at all times of the status of their shipments – This will free resources from your customer support team and you will provide a much better user experience. Don’t wait until they ask you, tell them right away and they will be thankful.

Offer easy returns – whether you like it or not, returns take place when it comes to shopping online. The easier you make it for your customers, the better user experience they will have and that can only be good. Remember that properly managed returns can be the best way to retain customers and make them loyal.

If you are not afraid of growth and you have ambitious plans for eCommerce, it might not be enough to do everything on your own and you would need support from a smart tool. Outvio is a post-sales platform that, among other things, gives easy shipping and returns tools. This will help your business grow fast and smoothly. You will be able to unify all your CMSs and couriers in just one channel and take advantage of an efficient workflow to process your orders faster and without any errors.

With a tool like Outvio you can reduce your workload and get more time to sell your products, thanks to smart automation for picking and packing, or setting automated rules for shipping, stock, and returns.

It even helps you create the best user experience possible thanks to a bespoke tracking and returns portal that keeps your branding shining across all the post-selling processes. Personalize your email notifications to your customers through 16 different points between when the client presses the “pay button” until (s)he receives the goods at home and skyrockets your customer satisfaction and returning customer rates!