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Benefits of AI in cross-border trade

Dive into the future of cross-border trade in our on-demand webinar. Listen to industry experts as they explore how AI is transforming this landscape, from simplifying regulatory compliance and boosting customer satisfaction to future-proofing businesses.

Topics covered


The role of AI in simplifying complex regulatory compliance, mitigating risk, and preventing costly fines for your organization


Utilizing AI to minimize cart abandonment through precise, real-time duty and tax calculations, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and revenue generation


The importance of adopting AI-driven solutions to future-proof your enterprise, ensuring adaptability to market fluctuations and maintaining a competitive advantage in the global trade arena


Eric Johnson, Senior Technology Editor at JOC.com

Chris Lentjes, CEO - US at Eurora

Karl Oskar Masing, Head of AI and Data Science at Eurora


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