Eurora™ Intelligent Cross Border Compliance Platform is at the nexus of everything that happens in logistics

Eurora™’s services create benefits for all who use it: transparency and accurate data that translate to tax benefits, speed, accuracy, and reliability for governments, tax authorities, eCommerce platforms, consumers, and other users.

Our cross border compliance platform was developed through two years of research, analytical work and proof-of-concept testing in partnership with universities. Our data scientists are continuing further research on daily basis to develop new products.

While other players’ products solve a small piece of the EU VAT eCommerce package puzzle, Eurora™ is the only one to address the challenge holistically with a scientific and comprehensive approach.


Eurora™ will enable continuity of business when the new EU regulation abolishes the VAT exemption on small parcels and removes the need for business parties to build their own system.


The opportunity to quickly adapt and comply with the new EU regulation which abolishes the VAT exemption on small parcels.


An end-to-end PaaS solution for customs and trade management, which includes insurance and fiscal representation.


The platform enables the landed cost of goods to be paid online, with a feature to pre-declare packages automatically.


The effective and optimal flow of goods from countries outside the European Union into the EU’s Green Channel.


Our active collaboration with the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and the Postal Technology Center (PTC) to integrate our platform with the global postal infrastructure will enable direct access for the 160+ Postal Operators worldwide.


Eurora™ enables a smooth transition to the new VAT eCommerce package environment that requires pre-declaration and flawless payment of duties.


Eurora™ accelerates automatic declarations to guarantee Green-Channel customs transit leading to immediate release for free circulation in the EU.


Complete data transparency from point A to point B.


We can provide cover for damaged or lost goods. We can protect against counterfeit, abuse of the system, and malicious attempts to commit fraud.


We can protect against fiscal penalties levied due to misdeclaration of goods.


We can act as your one stop shop for compliant entry of low value items into the EU.


Eurora™ Intelligent Cross Border Compliance Platform improves data accuracy ensuring that duties and taxes are accurate.


Eurora™ provides data with the highest level of accuracy. We ensure all required information about goods is known before they arrive at customs.


We can protect against counterfeit, abuse of the system, and malicious attempts to commit fraud.


Eurora™ is trusted by customs for import traffic. Transparency, made possible by accurate data, allows our product to insure against fraud and misdeclaration.


Eurora™ delivers the ability to protect revenue when the regulations change, and ultimately enables revenue generation, through accurate data.


Eurora™ is compliant with ICS2 ensuring that accurate item data is passed to customs enabling clearance as a safe item.